Meet the sensational new conscious-meets-trap recording artist Julian Xtra. An uprising artist making a name for himself with a unique sound and knowledgable attitude exhibited throughout his highly-anticipated new album, creatively-titled, The Amazing Karmic Trap Musical. In support of his new business, the 22-track collective is filled with colorful metaphors, thought-provoking lyrics and well-planted punchlines. Got at it solo, the majority of the album is produced by Julian-himself.

The album’s breakout tracks include “Dance Through the Pain,” “James Bond” and “The Karmic Trap”. And with the new songs, the collection includes previously release tracks, “Everybody Eatin,” “Planting Seeds” and “Rat Race”. The vibe is deeply rooted, Julian’s signature production is one of the leading new sounds in today’s Hip-Hop.

In cross-promotion with the new album, Julian releases a new line of vegan supplements called All Green Everything. Nourish yourself, AGE focus on the things we can control. We can control what we put in our bodies. Learn more on the official website.

The new album your first taste of Julian Xtra, check out all of his previous songs, available now on Spotify. After the play, continue to follow Julian Xtra’s story daily on Instagram and Twitter.

The Amazing Karmic Trap Musical is out now everywhere via All Green Everything LLC.