PREMIERE: The Anix rages against “This Machine” with new video

“They can’t stop us.”

The world we experience today is unlike anything any group of humans has ever encountered throughout all of history. More and more it feels like we, the people of Earth, are being pressured to conform to an outdated system that no longer serves the masses. With his latest single, “This Machine,” The Anix declares war on the powers that be and asks that we all join his effort.

Serving as his second single released on independent record label FiXT, “The Machine” finds The Anix refusing to give in to the pressures of life. Fighting the oppression of the ‘machines of industry and influence’ that control so much of the world around us, The Anix rallies listeners to fight the future with the anthemic message: “they can’t stop us.” Take a listen via the video above or the stream below:

Some of you may feel like electronic songs are a dime a dozen these days, and for certain artists that may be true, but The Anix is an exception. By combining a lifetime of influences ranging from rock to pop and industrial, The Anix has crafted a unique sound that is unlike anything else being promoted right now.

The Anix will release his sixth full-length album, Shadow_Movement, later this year. Until then, expect more songs and more news, all brought to you right here on Substream.