I don’t think the world appreciates the power of cathartic pop music as much as it should. A break from bubble-gum escapism can feel good every once in a while, and Amy Guess is the kind of new-age pop star that understands the power of her genre. The brand of pop music that Amy Guess brings to the table has teeth; there’s a grit and a dirtiness to the music itself that you can’t help but latch onto — and her vocals are so powerful and communicative that you can’t help but feel every ounce of emotion that she’s pouring into her delivery.

With “Never Come Back,” Amy Guess is celebrating her independence; reveling in the fact that she no longer feels the need to be weighed down by a relationship that became nothing more than just a toxic shell of what it used to be, singing “Never come back for me/Don’t you ever come back for me/Goodbye.” A brooding and mysterious beat gives the track an edge that is bound to catch your attention before completely sweeping you up in the power and prowess of this insanely mesmerizing track.

Listen below.