Introducing Hylan Starr, a viral Oklahoma singer/songwriter best-known for his cover songs, but now a newly signed Universal recording artist. Backed by the home of Post Malone, Drake and more, Starr unveils his much-talked new love song, titled, “Fool.”

For the debut, the fast-rising Starr speaks to the men and their mistreatment of a good woman. Supported by an energetic vibe, on the song Hylan Starr is a ready and able back-up to take your woman away for the feelings of being convenient. Enticing her with sultry melodies and flirtatious commentary, he showcases the true meaning of a “Southern Gentleman.”

“I think that Tulsa kind of raised me because I grew up in the rough part of Tulsa. I learned a lot of things at a young age that I probably shouldn’t have learned, but it helped me grow up and become more mature. As far as music, we have a music scene down in Tulsa. I actually started out in a group by the name of. It was a couple of buddies of mine and they kind of sparked my interest in music. That’s when I decided to get on a whole other level and get onYouTube. My whole city sparked my interest in doing music and helped me learn that this is what I want to do.”

After the stream, follow Hylan Starr journey to the top on Instagram and Twitter. For more music, hear all the previous catalog on Soundcloud.

“Fool” is out now via Universal/Wolf Pack Music Group.