Self-described “riot-pop” WASI is an act that has been steadily building their following in their hometown of Los Angeles, California. Their contagious energy at live shows and ability to write these anthemic, uplifting tracks has been the main catalyst behind their success thus far.

Breaking down the boundaries between indie, pop, punk, and hip-hop, they have created their own brand of aforementioned “riot pop.” The lightheartedness of the west coast blends into their sound through reminiscent melodies, angst-driven lyrics, and uplifting aura speak to a genre-less youth who are going through their own tender time.

Just earlier this year, they toured the U.S. with Caroline Rose, performed at their very own Los Angeles/Washington DC sold-out Women Fuck Shit Up Festival, wrote an original ending credits song for the movie Sensitivity Training, and made appearances at Warped Tour and PRIDE.

Today we are proud to be continuing the WASI story in 2018, with the premiere of a brand new song called “Outsider.” The track — produced by Hunter Burgan (AFI, Tegan & Sara) — is a riot pop anthem that comes from the place of owning your identity as an outsider and the strength that it gives you. The single is intimately tied to the band’s unique perspective, as several of their individual identities are an intersection of Queer, Asian, and female communities. Listen to our premiere of the song for yourself below.

“‘Outsider’ was written at a time of deep depression. Specifically, I FINALLY had come out as gay to some folks in my immediate family who I love dearly, and they responded soooo harshly. This song is about being in those depressing holes and trying to reach for a moment of power to climb out of them,” explains Merilou Salazar, who’s responsible for vocals/synths.

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