The month of April is always a crazy time around Substream HQ because we are hard at work on our second print magazine of the year. We are still a few days from officially unveiling the next cover star and all the next issue have to offer, but let’s just say the post you’re reading right now about Calfornia’s Staircase Spirits should be considered a hint at what is to come. You might even say we ‘Approve’ of them.

Anyways…Late last week, Staircase Spirits continued their march to the top of the alternative realm by sharing a blistering new single titled “Good Ex-Girlfriend.” The track is the first to appear of their upcoming EP, War Stories, which is due out digitally on May 5. You can stream the song below:

War Stories is the second in a trilogy of EPs that Staircase Spirits plan to release in 2017. The first, Ghost Stories is available now on Bandcamp. We tell everyone to stream “That Night,” but the whole record is worthy of your time.

The lyrics for “Good Ex-Girlfriend” are as follows:

I’m not your good ex-girlfriend, there to be missed when your girl is mad. I’m not the sweater on your highest shelf for when your daily wear looks bad. I won’t pretend it’s okay that you decide to call… like you’re doing right by her by calling me at all. I wonder how to teach a boy like you respect, always rebuilding your burned bridges when your new one isn’t perfect.

So shut up, shut up, shut up. You’re just so made up, made up, made up, and it’s been way too long. 6 months gone, and I’m moving on. It’s so like you, like you after all I went through, went through, went through, to think I’d hear you now. Shut your mouth for once.

Guess I’m not like your others, cuz I see you for what you are. I call ’em like I see ’em, and I for one am just not charmed. This isn’t like the movies, where time can make it right. Like I’ll forget the years of torture because you bat your eyes. I wonder what it takes to show the world the truth, how underneath the pretty picture there’s not one special thing about you.

In another time, a far off place, I’d cower to that smirk upon your face. But that girl is dead and gone, you see – you put her in the ground and now it’s just me.

It’s so like you, like you after all I went through, went through, went through, to think I’d love you now. Shut your mouth.

We are hoping to join Staircase Spirits in premiering another new song ahead of the EP release next week. Follow the band and Substream on Twitter for updates.