Fast-rising group Rad Horror deliver an irresistible vibe with their new single and video, “Everybody But Myself.”

The problem with caring about others is that we often sacrifice our needs to help others. Maybe we give more of ourselves than we should or let others take advantage of us because we believe it makes us better people. Either way, many people put their needs and wants on hold to make life more convenient for others who might not do the same for them, and if that’s you, then you need to spend time with Rad Horror.

A great name for an equally great band, Rad Horror writes songs about introspection with mass appeal. They leverage the unflinching honesty of the voice inside our heads to craft heartbreaking songs that go down easy thanks to smooth, often upbeat production. “Everybody But Myself” is the perfect example of this idea in action. It brings together the kind of shimmering indie rock sound that feels made for a coming of age movie or streaming series and couples it with an unabashed examination of someone who forgets to put themselves first.

Today, Substream is thrilled to deliver the world premiere of the cinematic video for “Everybody But Myself.” Check it out:

Rad Horror”s Dylan Jackson Scott says:

“Everybody But Myself” creates an inner dialogue with one’s self about the realization you’ve given everything you have to people in your life, and yet they yearn and beg for more. It sometimes takes a bit of time to learn how much and for how long you’ve been taken advantage of, whether in love and caring or in monetary and material objects. We enjoy wonderful and amazing times with these people, but great advantage is taken and rears its ugly head… We bloom into colorful flowers of resentment: We become hideous versions of our once recognizable selves”.

He continues: “With the “Everybody But Myself” video, which was directed by the band’s Cory Ingram – we decided to create a simple visual, depicting an objective look at yourself. It’s the perspective we all long for, the truest form of self-awareness. In everyday society, we find it hard to look at ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves the truth. Who are we really? How well do we truly know ourselves? Are we all victims hiding behind our collective unconscious? Sometimes it’s hard to know.”

Rad Horror has more great content coming soon. Stay tuned.