John and I love ska-core, the devil, and more. Read why below:

10. Pin Points And Gin Joints (2009)

SW: Nah nah nah nah nah.

JJR: Track 2.

SW: Yup.

JJR: I really liked this album on my first listen. It plays out even better live!

SW: I wrote it.

JJR: “Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah” is now a part of the Bosstones’ permanent live catalog.

SW: No words. Just music.

9. Devil’s Night Out (1989)

JJR: What a debut from a band that is STILL quite impossible to categorize…

SW: I think that the Mighty Mighty Bosstones definitely knew how to party.

JJR: I saw a scene in Clueless that proved that someday I suppose ago.

SW: I’m not a prude, I’m just highly selective.

8. The Magic of Youth (2011)


SW: We’ve spoken about this; that’s your favorite song on this album.

JJR: It looks like you have the upper hand.

SW: Just being open and honest, John.

JJR: Speaking of which, this album always felt like it was written and recorded long ago, and subsequently released approximately a decade later. I guess it was the…

SW: (interrupting) Magic of youth?

JJR: Yup.

7. More Noise and Other Disturbances (1991)

SW: I’m normally an awfully quiet person, but I’ll say this right now: More Noise and Other Disturbances is a solid sophomore album. Solid.

JJR: (raises glass of water) I’ll drink to that!

SW: That’s some high quality H2O.

JJR: Still here, sincere.

SW: Everready.

JJR: East coast, fuck you!

SW: Bouncing Souls = happiness. Sidebar: H2O covered “Someday I Suppose”. Sidebar part two: Let’s get off of water and let’s get on cowboy coffee.


6. Pay Attention (2000)


JJR: Let me be.

SW: All things considered, this album is quite underrated. I wish that Pay Attention wasn’t the band’s last major label record.

JJR: So sad to say. Island Records should’ve allowed them to release another album on the label.

SW: I guess I know more now.

JJR: This is a record that I used to listen to while driving over the bridge to Fire Island. (pauses) I’m glad that I paid attention.

SW: (laughs)

5. Question The Answers (1994)

JJR: Scott, we should talk.

SW: John, pay attention: “Kinder Words” is possibly a top ten ska-punk song for me. Actually, remove the word possibly from that sentence. I have pictures to prove it.

JJR: Were you wearing a hell of a hat in ‘em?

SW: Yes.

JJR: Well that’s a hell of a hat you were wearing.

4. While We’re At It (2018)

SW: I love when I write an album ranking retrospective article, and the band’s newest release trumps several older ones. While we’re at it, let’s face it!

JJR: Absolutely RIGHT.

SW: I see what you did there. The EAST ends.

JJR: I see what YOU did there. I feel like we’re closer to SOMEWHERE.

SW: I see what YOU did there. We’re… unified.

JJR: Absolutely RIGHT.

3. Don’t Know How To Party (1993)

SW: I am! By the way, the band’s number three album is number three on this list.

JJR: AND, the third track on this album is the title track.

SW: WHOA! I guess almost anything goes.

JJR: That rhymes with “Someday I Suppose”.

SW: You’re a man without rival, John.

JJR: Holy smoke! You’re my brother, Scott.

2. Let’s Face It (1997)

SW: Mainstream AND incredible.

JJR: The world was desensitized. That’s…

SW: A hell of a hat you were wearing?


SW: Nevermind me.

JJR: (laughs) MTV embraced this sound, this band, and my generation.

SW: Let’s face it: Let’s Face It is a great album.

JJR: Let’s face it: Let’s Face It is a near perfect album.

SW: But there can only be one number… one.

  1. A Jackknife To A Swan (2002)

JJR: A jackknife.

SW: To a swan.

JJR: The Bosstones are kings of ska-core, just without the castle.

SW: I gotta go!

JJR: Go big.

So I did. I went big. We went big. If you dislike this article, you can’t win. If you like this article, shit outta luck. Here is a playlist that we both agreed on. Enjoy.

P.S. Check out Keep Flying. This band helps keep ska alive in 2019.