InVogue Records’ Young Thieves just dropped their debut EP Darker Dreams today. The EP is comprised of 6 tracks:

  1. Home
  2. Criminal Phase (ft. JZAC)
  3. Wash You Away
  4. Bloodshot Eyes
  5. Easier
  6. Skinny Dip

You can listen to the EP here:

Lead singer, Alexandra Amor, talked a little bit about the meaning behind each song:

HOME: Darker Dreams EP was titled after this song and got Young Thieves signed after only being a band for 2 months. I recorded this demo in Dmitry’s living room after taking a mega bus from NYC to Philly to meet the band and see if we “vibe”…Here we are over two years later. CRIMINAL PHASE: (Co-wrote with Ryan Furlott in Portland, OR) Lyrics are pretty self explanatory. Perfects a curse, society’s standards shouldn’t limit what dreams you strive for or how you live your life. There is no time line but what we create. Remember that! WASH YOU AWAY: To all the boys I loved. I’m sorry. I’m not good at communication until there is a pen in my hand. BLOODSHOT EYES: Being in a one sided, toxic relationship that you have a hard time leaving that person because you love that person so damn much. If you’re reading this and feel stuck, know you are powerful and there is always a solution the moment you love yourself enough to ask for help. EASIER: The first record I wrote with Young Thieves got signed. The same week I walked in on my ex fucking someone. Most bittersweet moment of my life. The contract I worked 8 years to obtain…crying in the AM, popping champagne at night..I wanted to write a song about this generation. They are so easy to break a good thing, log into an app and swipe right on the next person. It’s easier to fuck someone than to sit down at the table and and face/work on issues..People are not disposable. Be kind. SKINNY DIP: The vulnerability of a summer love. We’ve all been there. It’s magical and stays with you for your entire life.

The band also has put out a few music videos. Check them out below!

Watch “Home”

Watch “Skinny Dip”

Watch “Skinny Dip (Acoustic)” which was filmed at YouTube Space NY!

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