Looking for something to do during quarantine? Look no further than BEL’s dark and sultry new video for her enthralling new single, “Spectre”. The video, which sees the Melbourne songstress tossed and thrown about by darkly-clad figures, is a perfect companion to a song that’s honest, catchy, and raw. Filmed in Los Angeles in January with Chance the Rapper’s and BANKS’ creative director James Mountford, the video is meant to to “comment on the demanding and often falsified nature of the fashion and music industries”.

Marrying dark pop and experimental realms, Bel’s lyrics take on a fearless attitude. “I wrote ‘Spectre’ in order to metaphorically chronicle what it’s like to have an ominous presence circle and set foot in your emotional, physical or spiritual safe space,” she says of the song. “This could be anything or anyone from a previous partner, to your own inner-bully, and the effect that these unrelenting, negative and often intrusive shadows can have in your life. More so, it’s important that the listener recognizes that she fights until the very end, to the very last second of the track.”

The single follows January’s ‘Better Than Me’, and is thankfully not the last we’ll see of Bel in the coming months. She’s due to release a full project sometime this year, the follow up to 2017’s debut EP, ‘Melancholia’.