Emotions aren’t a linear thing. We don’t get happy or sad or angry in a smooth transition. Some of these emotions bubble inside of us for a long time before slowly rising to the surface, other times they come bursting forth out of nowhere. Figuring out how to handle and process all of these different rates of emotional input and output is a constant part of being human. Vancouver duo The Sunset Kids (Ellaya Zampieri and Josh Palmer) are figuring it out themselves, and they’ve put it into music. Today they’re sharing their new song “Volcano,” and Substream is thrilled to host the premiere of it.

“Volcano” lives up to its namesake, immediately hitting your ears like a force of nature. The acoustic guitar hook and the pounding of the drums lets listeners know they’re in for a ride from the opening seconds. Zampieri and Palmer equate their emotions to a volcano, but also refer to other people who support them as natural metaphors as well, from cooling water to boiling temperatures. It’s a clever and accessible way of getting their point across that works. Whether harmonizing together or doing a call and response, their voices are wondrous together, and the more heavily produced chorus will wow you. From the idea to the production to the vocals, The Sunset Kids nail every aspect of “Volcano”

Discussing the meaning of the track, The Sunset Kids told us “‘Volcano’ is a song inspired by complicated relationships and all the different emotional states inside us when we’re hurt. I compared our inner demons to a sleeping volcano… Sometimes it erupts when we are on the edge and can take no more.”

You can listen to “Volcano” below. Follow The Sunset Kids on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.