Brooklyn songstress Blakely is here with a new song just in time for the holidaze. Rather than a traditional Christmas song cover, as we’ve no doubt been inundated with this season, Blakely has delivered an original in “Holiday Vinyl” (that would no doubt sound great on wax) with a more somber, intoxicated tone reminiscent of something Lana Del Rey might do. It’s a welcomed detour from the typical holiday radio fodder that’s usually tethered to our minds well into the new year.

Taking one look at Blakely’s website will give newcomers a dose of genuine honesty that will make the nature of her idea of a Christmas song no surprise. “I’m humble. Cleaning other people’s toilets for $50 bucks has a way of doing that to a girl,” she writes. “Shit (no pun intended), I got rent to pay. And my Winstons and ice coffee ain’t cheap. And eating well (or at all) is a luxury I usually can’t afford. So, some might say I’m poor or that I live in squalor, I mean Brooklyn.”

Enjoy the character and hypnotizing vibe of “Holiday Vinyl” below.