There is no experience quite like seeing Above & Beyond in concert.

There is a community that exists in EDM like no other, but the ties that bind fans of that genre often run far deeper than surface level interest in a particular style of music. Fans of Above & Beyond, for example, are connected through something so much bigger than the music itself. They are a family of outcasts and tycoons, all of whom shed whatever masks they wear in their daily lives to embrace the ambiguity of dark rooms and reveal their true selves when the English trio comes to town. Unlike other artists who rely on programmed visuals to stir the room, A&B project video of the audience back at them, immersing everyone – including themselves – in nothing more than that moment at hand.

You can go to any nightclub and find someone willing to play top 40 hits in between deep bass drops and the occasional remix. In those spaces you may find some kind of interconnectivity with those around you, perhaps even someone to love, but that feeling cannot come close to mirroring what those able to see Above & Beyond describe after each performance. For them, being at those shows is akin to being baptized in the audio equivalent to holy water. Over the course of several hours, they feel whatever shame or fear or regret they have melt away as they embrace that they are little more than tiny dots on a slightly bigger dot in an ever-expanding universe. Through that realization, they come to understand the importance of unity, which they then carry with them as ambassadors for a better tomorrow in the days and weeks that follow.

We were bathed in the audio bliss that is Above & Beyond last week at the historic Old National Centre in Indianapolis. Photographer Lindsay Davis was on hand to capture what unfolded. You can view her work below.