Here at Substream, we’ve had the pleasure of premiering songs, music videos and albums from artists big and small. There’s nothing quite like sharing something from an artist most people aren’t familiar with, especially when that artist does something as unique as combining themes from science fiction and mystery with a sound based on indie-rock and synth-pop. It’s quite the combination, and it’s exactly what you’ll get from New York-based duo Neverthere. Neverthere consists of Robert Ragosta and Andrew Sclafani, both formerly of This Good Robot, and today we are proud to be premiering their brand new video for “Labs.” “Labs” follows a young couple from the city to the beach to the woods and multiple realms in between, as space and time bend but the two remain connected. Prepare to explore alternative realities for yourself and watch “Labs” above.

Regarding “Labs,” Neverthere shares, “This song and video are our way of looking into the void and imagining a love story that exists across multiple realitiesIt exists in every conceivable combination of the particles that make up these two people. They are simply connected, objectively, across dimensions, that is, until one of them slips behind the curtain and into the void, alive, but unstuck from their place in space and time.”

Neverthere - EP1

“Labs” will be included on Neverthere’s debut project, EP1, which will be released on Friday, March 30. In the meantime, the song is available for stream or purchase on BandCamp. While no shows are currently announced, with more to come before the EP release, we wouldn’t be surprised if they have news to share soon. Keep up with Neverthere on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and follow Substream on Twitter to ensure you never miss a music headline.