What do you call a parody that doesn’t specifically parody any one thing? Is that where the term ‘spoof’ comes from? Whatever the case, Netflix has released a trailer for their exclusive release of Little Evil, a film about an evil child told from the perspective of his self-aware stepdad.

As shown in the footage above, Little Evil follows a man (Adam Scott) who begins to suspect his stepson is not of this Earth following a series of strange events. When he pushes his wife for details he learns the child was conceived while his significant other was part of a cult, which only makes his suspicions grow stronger. As he searches further things become increasingly weird until, finally, all hell begins to break loose.

The horror-comedy genre is a difficult one where far more films fail than succeed, and so far the only thing convincing me Little Evil will actually be funny is its cast. That said, we now live in an age where all actors are working more often, which means the fact actor X signs on to project X means less now in terms of quality than it did before. Little Evil could be the next great cult classic or it could be a quickly forgotten film that never makes good on the promise of its plot and cast (a la 2014’s Cooties).

What do you think? Comment below and let us know if you plan to watch Little Evil when it debuts on September 1.