“If you know what I mean, you on the team

The era of Rainbow is upon us. Ask critics or pop music fans and everyone will agree that the Kesha we know in 2017 is the best version of the pop star we have known to date. Everything she does is meant to inspire others, from taking on those who hold her down, to singing about the demons that keep her doubting her every move. Kesha has poured her soul out while the world watched, and we are forever changed because of that experience.

Recently, Kesha’s seemingly endless promotional efforts for Rainbow took her to the officers of YouTube for an intimate live performance. The video streaming giant captured the show in glorious HD and has since begun releasing clips online for fans to enjoy. The latest reveals what “Hymn” sounds like live, and to be perfectly honest watching the footage may be as close to attending the church of Kesha as most will ever get. You can view the visuals above.

It’s hard to not consider the trajectory of Kesha’s career when viewing this performance of “Hymn”. While the days of dancing in celebration of life and rebellious behavior are certainly not past her, Kesha has ascended to a place where the only thing she absolutely must do on stage is be herself. She doesn’t have to dance or use elaborate stage production to hold our interest because her powerful vocals are more than enough on their own. She has become the kind of artists all pop singers aspire to be, and the best part is she is still very much just getting started in her career. Rainbow is only her third studio album. Can you even imagine what records four, five, and six will hold? I can’t.

If this footage makes you want to see Kesha live in concert you’re in luck because the pop icon will be touring extensively for the next several months. Specific dates and ticket information can be found on her official website.