Established band A Brilliant Lie is gearing up to be at the top of the charts in 2019. Preparing to release their fourth project in the coming months, the band kicks off their campaign in a major way A Brilliant Lie links up with Substream for the premiere of the new hit single, intriguingly-titled, “The Tarot”.

Apart of an upcoming five-unreleased song EP, “The Tarot” is an impulsive, catchy, dance-ready single ready for the radio. Sonically-driven by the electrifying guitars and refreshing aggression. The vocals are rough and appealing, simultaneously, telling the story of adversity and triumph that many can relate too. “The Tarot”, arguably A Brilliant Lie’s best work to-date.

A Brilliant Lie lead Tara Lightfoot on making, “The Tarot”:

“Life will always have ups and downs. Whether it’s a relationship, a career, personal goals…ANYTHING…we all have our own unique struggles. Sometimes, those struggles can make you feel like absolute garbage, and NO ONE deserves to feel that way. Ever. This song is a statement of understanding triumphs in amongst the chaos.”

Originally formed in 2011, the alternative rock band has created both an strong fanbase and undeniable catalog featuring breakout projects like their debut EP, Regarding Harry Lime and their latest Threads: Cutter (2015). Hailing from Orlando, the band is compiled of the awesome 5-part team of Tara Lightfoot (Lead), Chris Lane, Jason Lemrond, Matthew Movens, and Nick Scout. A Brilliant Lie is best known for their high energy and explosively powerful presence both live and in-studio.

A Brilliant Lie is currently endorsed by Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Ernie Ball, Strymon
Engineering, Seymour Duncan, Intune Guitar Picks. Spreading majority of their time on the road, the band’s sound can also be accredited to well-known producer James Paul Wisner (Paramore).

Premiere “The Tarot” by A Brilliant Lie below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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A Brilliant Lie’s new EP Threads: Weaver slated for March 29th release via A Brilliant Lie.

Photo credit: Ace Moody Noguera