Earlier this month, Tove Lo revealed that she’d be releasing her fourth full-length album, Sunshine Kitty, later this year. But until its highly anticipated release, the singer has shared a brand new music video to hold us over.

Dropped earlier, the Tove Lo shared her amusing and totally skit-worthy new music video for her break-up anthem of the year track titled, “Glad He’s Gone.”

Of the meaning behind the song itself, Tove Lo shared in a statement:

“We’ve all been on both sides of the break-up pep talk with our friends and we all know how good it feels to get your partner in crime back when they finally leave that idiot behind.”

As if the song wasn’t enough, the music video accompanying the singer’s latest track paints the most hilarious picture of the song’s meaning.

Directed by both Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, and shot by Kiev, we see Tove Lo comforting her friend on the phone while she literally walks into adventure after prison-escaping adventure (it’s a wild time…)

It’s an interesting take on the upbeat track, and of the meaning behind the video, Tove Lo revealed:

“I think this might be the best video I’ve ever done. It tells the story of the song SO WELL while being a bizarre mini action movie. I loved working with the directors Vania & Muggia, who came up with this genius idea. The four day and night shoot in Kiev was very intense but with the best and most hard working crew! If anything, it made me realize how much I love acting (and that I’m a real committed friend haha)”.

You can check out the hilarious new music video for “Glad He’s Gone” below!

“Glad He’s Gone” is now available to stream and purchase on all major music services. You can get your copy of it here!

Additionally, the singer shared some details of her forthcoming record, which she recorded in-between her time in Los Angeles and Sweden. The album, Sunshine Kitty, marks her fourth album, and it serves as a follow-up to 2017’s Blue Lips.

Of the new record, and the meaning behind the name, Tove Lo shared:

“[The title of the album is] a play on pussy power, but it’s a happy, positive way of seeing it. It ties in with the lynx. This cartoon cat (featured on the artwork) is an extension of me and part of the new music. She’s super cute, but she does stupid shit like getting in fights and getting fucked up. It’s how I feel the album sounds.”