After a breakup, it’s easy to look back and analyze every little moment. Every turn of phrase, every bit of body movement, and every glance turns into a clue as we tumble down the rabbit hole. As much as we want to be able to change things in our lives, oftentimes all this analysis just reaches the same conclusion: there’s nothing that could have been done differently to avoid this ending. Pop artist Chloe addressed this emotional truth on her track “Crazy,” taken from her debut album The In-Between, which dropped in April. We get an even more vivid depiction of this today, as Chloe has released the music video for “Crazy,” which is premiering right here on Substream.

The video is actually the same scene several times over. It takes place backstage at a venue Chloe is performing at, and finds her and her partner/bandmate arriving before a gig. In the first scene the two are happy together and everything goes smoothly. That doesn’t last forever, though. Each subsequent version of this scene takes place a couple years after the last one, and we watch the cracks begin to form in the relationship. The pre-gig conversations turn into arguments, and over the years we see Chloe’s partner tragically start to succumb to alcoholism. By the time the final scene rolls around, Chloe is on her own and seems to have found acceptance in what transpired and confidence in her ability to move forward with it. The execution of the idea for the video is brilliant, with even the smallest of details amongst the different time frames lining up and giving us a fuller picture of the situation. The video for “Crazy” wouldn’t work without strong performances, and both Chloe and her co-star turn in strong acting to carry the story.

Chloe explained the inspiration and meaning behind the video to us. She says:

“Everyone has ghosts of past relationships that haunt. At some point in a break up, you start reliving your wrongs, remembering the places you once frequented, and begin an endless cycle of wondering if the choices you made were the right ones. ‘Crazy’ is about missing the very love you lost and wishing for the good times again while ultimately knowing you can’t go back. The video produced by Digital Sparks Studios depicts a very relatable story of living through change. It shows the evolution of a couple through the years and challenges they face ultimately ending with the reassurance that sometimes love is simply not enough. Perhaps the crazy state is where we live until we have moved on fully.”

You can watch the video for “Crazy” below. Chloe’s album The In-Between is out now.