We’re on record with our love of Mac DeMarco’s latest release, This Old Dog, which came out back in May. We also love the things DeMarco does in his videos, like hanging out with Death. Today DeMarco took his creativity into a whole new plain of expression with the release of the Virtual Reality video for the title track from his album.

The video begins as a dog zooms through space over the Earth. Everything is animated like a 90s computer game, and the whole world is populated by dog-people. Not people who are way into their dogs, but literal dog-people. There are tropical beaches, vast oceans, and weird mansions to look at while the main dog keeps on flying through space. The video was created by DeMarco with Pitchfork and and the VR app Inception.

As we know not everyone has a VR setup to experience Mac DeMarco’s latest vision, we’ve included the 360 view version above that lets you get a similar effect without the equipment. If you do have everything you need to experience VR, you can watch the real deal right here.