Maggie Lindemann is done third wheeling in her new video, ‘Friends Go.’ The twenty-year-old indie-pop singer is calling the video a “cinematic short film.”

Lindemann uses “Friends Go’ as the soundtrack to the short film, ‘Death By Third Wheel’, which was directed by Van Alpert, who has previously worked with Post Malone & Local Natives.

Alpert comments that “My goal is making a video feel bigger than life, something that you’d only see in a movie theatre – a little escape from your life while you watch. I wanted the car to be a representation of Maggie’s heart. The car crashing, bouncing and exploding in artistic ways gives you an overall feeling of excitement. When you lose your mind from being excluded from your friends or love, your heart goes through it, just like the car.

I strayed away from the obvious storyline, with the backbone being multiple beautiful crashes where no-one gets hurt. The video is fun and surprising. It hits you over the head and gives you clues throughout of what’s coming. It was the most fun I’ve ever had making a video.”

You can watch the video for “Friends Go,” called “Death by Third Wheel,” below.