Art is inspired by life. That seems obvious, but it can be easy to forget. Many tracks don’t directly correspond to a certain event or depict a real situation, instead creating a fictional account inspired by the artist’s life. When an artist chooses to really get into what actually happened to them and how it influenced them, you have something special on your hands. WILSN is that kind of artist. She’s proving it this week with her new single “Fight Like A Girl,” (premiered via ATWOOD) taken from her newly-announced EP Self Titled.

The phrase “fight like a girl” has long been used as a sexist insult, and WILSN details all the times where she’s been doubted because she is a woman. It’s a sobering reminder that all of the music industry still has a long way to go, but WILSN is fighting back. The track is stirring and uplifting in its sound, driven by a hopeful piano-based instrumental. She makes it clear that she–and all the other women out there–are as capable as anyone to excelling and succeeding, and she celebrates her own strength and accomplishments. She delivers all of these messages with powerful vocals, belting out with authority.

The music video for “Fight Like A Girl” is equally stirring. WILSN is joined by everyday women, all holding up signs that carry some of the more inspiring lyrics from the track. Each woman radiates confidence, and it’s clear to see how happy WILSN and they are to make this video.

“Fight Like A Girl” is from Self Titled, WILSN’s upcoming EP. The project will drop in June, but in the meantime you can watch “Fight Like A Girl” below.