The advent of more accessible virtual reality technology has been used for a variety of purposes. VR can be used as an educational tool to visit places from history that are far away or don’t exist anymore. It can be used as a toy, letting us live out the experience of our favorite fictional characters. Because we are humans and think of every possibility, VR has also been used for more adult-oriented means as well. Released last month, LA band WOLVES‘ latest single “Freaky” is all about being comfortable expressing who you are and what you’re into. The music video for “Freaky” combines VR with that idea, and we’re thrilled to premiere it on Substream this morning!

“Freaky” is a song with a intoxicatingly sweet and funky vibe, and the video matches that aesthetic. As the story of the video plays out, we constantly see band members Marc Avery, Sean Carney, and Rockwell “Rocky” Sands bathed in beautiful and fun neon lights and colors. The story finds the trio putting on a VR headset and playing a video game aptly called “Freaky.” If you haven’t guessed from the title or this writeup yet, that video game involves exploring some wants and desires of whoever is wearing the headset. The video is gorgeously shot, and their are a few twists and turns to showcase that everyone has their own way to get “Freaky,” and that’s okay.

Asked about the video, drummer Rocky Sands said “We had so much fun filming this video! We had the idea to create a video centered around virtual reality for a while, and filming ‘Freaky’ was the perfect opportunity to do it. We wanted this video to be really funny—we love satirical videos like the Foo Fighters always do, and we wanted to pay homage to that. ‘Freaky’ is all about being yourself, letting go of your inhibitions and not taking life so seriously. Everybody is a little bit freaky at the end of the day, and it’s important to let that freak flag fly! Be sure to watch all the way to the end—it gets weird!”

You can watch the video for “Freaky” below. Follow the lead that WOLVES lay out in the song and embrace who you are, as well!