When I wrote about “Better,” the single from LA trio TELYKast (Kyle Tonoli, Linus AK, and Trevor Klaiman) and singer Aly Ryan, for Take 5 in April, a few things stood out to me. The first was of course the sound, with TELYKast’s EDM influences, pop melodies, and more intricate musical notation pairing perfectly with Ryan’s vocals. More than that, the emotional depth and impact of the song stood out. Hidden behind those catchy hooks is a story about how forces beyond our control can trap us in bad situations. Today the track receives an immensely powerful music video, which I am thrilled to premiere this morning.

None of the performers appear in the video at all, instead focusing on the three stories presented within. The stories are not connected, but each illustrates the overall point of “Better.” In the first, a clerk at a grocery store struggles with drug addiction even while at work. In the second, a woman is in the midst of an unhealthy relationship. Finally, a young boy faces huge amounts of peer pressure to drink heavily and try to be “cool.” It’s genuinely affecting to see each of the situations deteriorate as the video goes on, and the strength of all the actors involved is applause-worthy. The video for “Better” serves as a good reminder to be more kind and understanding in life, as everyone struggles with forces we cannot see.

Even TELYKast themselves were moved upon seeing the video. They said:

“We are so excited to share the ‘Better’ music video. The video captures several different but relatable feelings and perspectives where someone should know better. It depicts the daily life of a drug addict working at a supermarket, the hardships of a failing relationship, and a young boy struggling to fit in. The video really brings the song to life and we are so happy with the way it turned out. It invoked a lot of emotions for us while watching it for the first time and even after many repeated watches. Kody Kurth (Odesza, DJ Snake) and the Profectum team behind the video absolutely crushed it. We hope everybody loves it as much as we do!”

You can watch the video for TELYKast and Aly Ryan’s “Better” below.