Chelsea Cutler is building up her tracklist for her forthcoming debut and we can’t help but ask ourselves how lucky are we?

Dropped earlier today, the singer released her sentimental new song about being in love, which features Alexander 23.

The track isn’t the first taste of music we’ve heard from the up-and-coming artist, she’s also released two songs prior,  “How To Be Human” and “You Are Losing Me,” all three of which will be put on Cutler’s debut project.

Of the new song, Cutler shared: “‘Lucky’ is about love being part of the human experience. So much of life is spent rushing to figure out who we are and what this life is all about. It was important for me to pause for a moment and recognize how fortunate I am to have love in my life.”

Alexander 23 also shared a statement regarding the new track, saying, “I feel so lucky to be a part of a song like ‘Lucky’ that is so genuine and positive. I feel like it is equally important to use music to broadcast the good and the bad and think this song really captures the best end of that spectrum.”

You can listen to Chelsea Cutler’s brand new track “Lucky” below!

“Lucky” is now available to stream on all major music platforms. You can pick up your copy of the latest track by going here!