Darren and I are both from Long Island, which makes us esteemed (insert positive
or negative nouns here); yup. I’ve known Mr. Paltrowitz for almost two decades, and
NO ONE is more qualified to talk about Superdrag with than he. NO. ONE. Darren
interned for the band before he was of drinking age, and has even had
singer/Superdrag guru John Davis on his podcast, the Paltrocast With Darren
Paltrowitz. Basically, DP is the one that sucked out the feeling; yup again. Mic drop.
Here are ten songs that we both think should get more love from hardcore fans and
casual listeners:

10) “Senorita” (off of 1994’s Stereo “360 Sound”; version on Spotify playlist is from the Senorita EP from 1999)

DP: This was supposedly the song that got the band its first manager and first record

SW: I love the show “Daria”.

9) “Cynicality” (off of 1996’s Regretfully Yours)

DP: “Cynicality” is a great song that often gets overlooked in Superdrag’s greater
SW: Quit being so cynical. This may be my favorite song on “Regretfully Yours”.

8) “Baby Goes To 11” (off of 2002’s Last Call for Vitriol)

DP: Quite a departure from the band’s prior catalog… I love that this song features
Bob Pollard from Guided By Voices.
SW: Stellar. Opening. Track.

7) “The Warmth of a Tomb” (off of 2000’s In The Valley of Dying Stars)
DP: This song is possibly my favorite Superdrag ballad.
SW: Girl, same.
6) “Doctors Are Dead” (off of 2007’s Changin’ Tires on the Road to Ruin)

DP: “Doctors Are Dead” is a great unreleased track that Elektra’s A&R unfortunately
didn’t connect with.
SW: A&R’s are dead.

5) “Comfortably Bummed” (off of 2007’s Changin’ Tires on the Road to Ruin)

DP: Another song that Elektra’s A&R didn’t like, that same guy also missed the mark
on Butch Walker and Nada Surf.
SW: I guess that it was some kind of proximity effect.

4) “I Am Incinerator” (off of 2007’s Changin’ Tires on the Road to Ruin)

DP: This song was also known as “I Guess It’s American” and was co-written with
Adam Schlesinger, the only Superdrag song that John ever co-wrote. Also rejected by
SW: Crash and burn… It seems that you have a B-side bone to pick with Elektra
(there’s some good people there, taste is subjective, it is impossible to predict the
future, I love Superdrag, AND I like you).

3) “Extra-Sensory” (off of 2002’s Last Call for Vitriol)

DP: Extra sensitive, eh? This song is one of my favorites. “Extra-Sensory” is most
likely Superdrag’s mellowest cut.
SW: I love this song; I can feel it in all of my senses.

2) “The Art of Dying” (off of 1998’s Head Trip in Every Key)

DP: A heavily produced multi-layered closing track from one of my favorite albums
of all time.
SW: Speaking of all time…

1) “Unprepared” (off of 2000’s In The Valley of Dying Stars)

DP: Yes?
SW: This is my favorite song of all time. It’s true.

Hope that you were prepared for this. Shalom: Playlist