Princess Nokia has released a music video to accompany one of her songs, “Your Eyes Are Bleeding,” off of her new album A Girl Cried Red, which dropped today.

A stark contrast compared to her last album, 1992 Deluxe, the artist’s newest tracks reflect a different side of the artist, and almost a different era — as her songs bring back nostalgic sounds of 2005 emo whiney pop, but still combined with modern beats in the background.

In the video for “Your Eyes Are Bleeding,” it showcases a montage of Princess Nokia on the road, getting food from White Castle as subtitles at the bottom give us an insight on some of the things the artist has gone through. The shot where she’s sleeping in the car and the subtitles read “Dramatic emo pause,” is one that is particularly relatable. 

In addition, the video shows clips from her older concert performances from the past year as well as news stories that were published about her. The full album dropped today with other relatable emo tracks such as “Little Angel” and “Flowers and Rope.”