WARNING: The video above is not for people who take life too seriously.

I don’t really know where to start with this one. Anyone who knows of Father John Misty or his unique take on nihilism-tinged folk music knows to expect something wholly original whenever he has something new to share. This has never been more true than it is with the video for “Total Entertainment Forever,” which is destined to baffle fans new and old.

Released early Wednesday morning, the video for “Total Entertainment Forever” features Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin as a Christ-like Kurt Cobain trapped inside a VR game played by George Washington. I say Christ-like because this version of Kurt Cobain also carries a cross that he is later crucified upon, only this time it happens next to Jon Arbuckle from Garfield and a saxophone-playing Bill Clinton. This isn’t the climax of the video either, rather just one of many bizarre things that come and go for no other reason than being weird.

“Total Entertainment Forever” is the fourth single from Father John Misty’s recently released third LP, Pure Comedy, following the title track, “Two Wildly Different Perspectives” and “Ballad of the Dying Man.” I’m not sure the song is one that will win over non-believers, but for those already getting off on FJM’s art this video will probably play like a gift from the heavens (that they don’t believe exist). It’s more bizarre art for the sake of being bizarre because everything is chaos and nothing really matters in the end so hey – might as well have a gas while we can.

Father John Misty is making festival appearances all over the country this summer and will probably tour even more in the fall. Look for him wherever dread locks and girls appropriating Native American culture abound.