It’s been a few minutes since we’ve heard from Goldfinger. In this case, “a few minutes” translates into nine years, with 2008’s Hello Destiny… serving as the band’s last studio album. That has all changed today with the band dropping a new track and announcing the release of their seventh album, The Knife.

The song is called “Put The Knife Away” and comes with its own video. The track moves along quite quickly with a hook that’s all but designed to be sung along to with frontman John Feldmann and features the usual excellence on the drums that you would expect out of Travis Barker. The video features a mix of concert and studio footage with a ton of graininess laid over to give it a distinct punk feel.

Feldmann gave a statement about the album, saying: “I took my time making this record…Nine years to be exact! I feel like I’ve made the most concise Goldfinger record in my career. We have all Goldfinger styles together as one, with Zakk Cervini, who mixed the Blink-182 record, and Travis Barker on drums, I couldn’t be more proud of an album.”

The Knife, which contains 13 tracks, will be available on July 21 through Rise Records. Pre-orders have now begun.

The Knife Track List
01. A Million Miles
02. Get What I Need
03. AM I Deaf
04. Tijuana Sunrise
05. Put The Knife Away
06. Don’t Let Me Go
07. Beacon
08. Who’s Laughing Now
09. Say It Out Loud
10. Orthodontist Girl
11. See You Around
12. Liftoff
13. Milla