The Jonas Brothers may or may not be up to something. This is not a drill.

We did not have to wait until the year 3000 for the Jonas Brothers to begin playing with our heartstrings once more. We don’t mean to make you start burnin’ up for no reason, but a few very smart fans of The Jonas Brothers have begun to notice activity that appears to point to a JoBro reunion in the very (very) near future.

Here’s what we know:

    • Within the last two days, the official Jonas Brothers Instagram account was reactivated. The long-dormant account was last updated in June 2013. The band’s Twitter and official website remain deactivated. Jonas Entertainment, the official source for Jonas news on Twitter, hasn’t posted since 2014.
    • Many fans noticed the reactivation after the band’s longtime guitarist and musical director, John Lloyd Taylor, followed the account. This, just one week after posting a photo of himself with Nick Jonas.
    • Demian Arriaga, percussionist known for working with Nick Jonas, has been spotted preparing for something. If you look closely you will notice the original Jonas Brothers logo on the road case in the back of the photo.
      Jonas Brothers
    • The brothers have been spending a lot of time together recently. In fact, Instagram reveals they were snowboarding over the weekend.
      Jonas Brothers
    • The brothers were also spotted with longtime Jonas Brothers musician Ryan Liestman earlier today, January 15. Liestman shared the ‘reunion’ photo on Instagram:
      jonas brothers
    • Joe Jonas’ band, DNCE, has no upcoming tour dates.
    • Nick Jonas has no upcoming tour dates.
    • The Jonas Brothers promised at least seven albums by the year 3000. They still owe us at least three more (two if we’re going to count Jonas L.A., but ehhhhhhhh).
    • A Little Bit Longer turns 10 years old in August.

VERDICT: There is a VERY GOOD chance a Jonas Brothers reunion is on the horizon. Either that or a series of very convenient coincidences have taken place over the last 48-72 hours. We hope it’s the former, but we can’t write off the latter.

It has been nearly five years since we last heard from the Jonas Brothers. As fans will recall, the group stepped away from the spotlight days before what was expected to be their largest album cycle to date. In doing so, the group cited “deep rift within the band” over “creative differences”.

Perhaps the success of the Jonas men’s individual creative endeavors has made it possible for the brothers to find their collaborative magic once more. Until we know for sure, please follow Substream on Twitter for updates.