Imagine, if you will, a song so anthemic it beckons to be played in arenas, but with vocals reminiscent of Patrick Stump in the early days of Fall Out Boy. Interested? Then you ought to check out The Unlikely Candidates‘ newest song, “Oh My Dear Lord.” It’s a larger-than-life look back at the self-destructive paths we can find ourselves on when all that’s on our minds is a level of ecstasy that can only be temporary, leading to an inevitable crash and burn. “Oh My Dear Lord” has a dark, industrial edge to its arena-ready sound that makes The Unlikely Candidates stand out from their peers; it’s the type of song that could fit in just as easily at an underground club as it would on mainstream Top 40 radio, and we can’t get enough.

In a press release about the song, vocalist Kyle Morris says, “‘Oh My Dear Lord’ is about a time when I was riding high and really burning a trail through life. I had too much momentum and didn’t realize the damage I was doing to myself. Eventually I crashed and had to retrace how I got there – I couldn’t trust myself, so I called out to nothingness for someone or something to help me out.”

If you’re not already familiar with The Unlikely Candidates, now’s a good time to hop aboard the hype train. After an impromptu performance at a high school party, Morris and guitarist Cole Male joined up with guitarist Brent Carney, bassist Jared Hornbeek, and drummer Kevin Goddard, and the Forth Worth, Texas natives now have tours under their belts with everyone from Sublime With Rome to The Offspring to Dirty Heads.

Now signed to RED Music, The Unlikely Candidates released two EPs in 2017, Bed of Liars and Danger To Myself. “Oh My Dear Lord” is included in the deluxe edition of the Danger To Myself EP, which is out now. The EP also features the band’s hit track “Celebrate”, a version of which was also released by Dirty Heads. The Unlikely Candidates will be releasing more new music in 2018, though no details for further releases have been announced. Follow Substream on Twitter so you don’t miss any updates.