“Woodson” is my favorite song by The Get-Up Kids, but it’s not on an official full length. John James Ryan Jr. of Keep Flying and Warped Tour fame and I had a fun time ranking the band’s incredible catalog. Read why these songs still resonate (more than) one year later:

6. There Are Rules (2011)
SW: Hi.
JJR: Sup.
SW: There are rules for this list.
JJR: Studio full lengths. Non compilations.
SW: There are rules for this list.
JJR: Rules are meant to be broken.
SW: That’s pararelevant, John.
JJR: Automatic for me!
SW: I think I think I know it all.
JJR: Wrong band.
SW: I thought that you said rules are meant to be broken.
JJR: Shatter your lungs, Scott.
5. Problems (2019)
SW: I have problems.
JJR: We all do.
SW: One of my 99 problems is NOT the fact that The Get-Up Kids released a new record in 2019.
JJR: Now or never, Scott. Now. Or. Never.
SW: John, I’m glad that we share some common ground here.
JJR: You’re FAR from a fairweather friend, Mr. Waldman.
SW: Mr. Ryan, thank you. I always can count on you as an advocate.
4. Guilt Show (2004)
JJR: 2004.
SW: 2004.
JJR: How long is too long?
SW: Fifteen years?
JJR: You wouldn’t believe it.
SW: I would. I’m a man of conviction.
JJR: This album is…
SW: Underrated?
JJR: The one you want.
SW: You’re the one that I want. (pauses) Ooo ooo ooo.
JJR: (stares at him)
3. Four Minute Mile (1997)
SW: Stop looking at me, swan!
JJR: Don’t hate me, Scott.
SW: I could never, John! You’re my better half.
JJR: This album fucking rocks ass.
SW: Indeed. I saw TGUK at Deja One and Coney Island High on this album’s cycle.
JJR: Deja one.
SW: Deja FUN.
JJR: Coney Island High.
SW: (sobs) Coney Island CRY.
JJR: Stay gold, Ponyboy.
2. On A Wire (2002)
SW: What did you just call me? ANYwho, I believe that this album came out the same day at Weezer’s Maladroit (another underrated album); I bought both records the same day.
JJR: Take control.
SW: I did! I took it. Control.
JJR: This is my favorite TGUK record.
SW: This is my third favorite. (pauses) Compromise.
SW: OverJEW.
JJR: (laughs) That joke was the worst idea.
SW: I get it. I’ll stay gone.
1. Something To Write Home About (1999)
JJR: Something to…
SW: Write home about…
JJR: It’s worth more than ten minutes of your time.
SW: Take a holiday and listen now! You won’t regret it.
That’s all she wrote, fellas and gals. Listen to a Spotify playlist here.