It’s been a minute since Leah Voysey released her single, “Poison.” Today, we’re officially getting the music video for the track.

“Diana’s design for this video is simple, yet powerful,” Voysey tells Substream. “It captures the essence of the song, which is about a person being the master of their own destruction.”

The video’s director Diana Weisman explains:

When working on the creative and storyboard for this video, I wanted to focus on the themes in this song that make it so relatable. “Poison” isn’t really about another person. It’s about the damage we inflict upon ourselves. The sick pleasure that comes with replaying unhappy moments or reliving bad habits again and again. Finding comfort in going down the road you already know vs. forging a new way. Does this all sound familiar? Then this isn’t a music video, it’s a mirror.

Check out the clip below.