Matt Blankenship, Jr., also known as The Sometimes Island, has been living in L.A. for a while now, but his new musical endeavor pays homage to his home of Austin, Texas. The project name refers to a set of islands in Lake Travis that, depending on the water level, is sometimes visible to the naked eye and sometimes completely submerged in water.

Like the Sometimes island, Blankenship’s music is easy to figure out but there are also elements that seem hidden beneath the surface, unexpected and ready to reveal themselves. His soft, beachy vocals combined with dance and synth pop elements create a unique listening experience that stands out among other acts.

Today, we are excited to premiere “Can’t Move On,” a catchy tune off The Sometimes Island’s 7-track EP titled Bad People due out late July. Blankenship wrote, performed and produced the entire EP from his home studio.

When asked about the song, Blankenship said:

“Two very close friends of mine were dating, and when they broke up, I was in the middle of it, hearing both sides and feeling very torn. Those sentiments channeled into this song, written from each of their perspectives. The inability to communicate – with battle lines drawn and pride on the line – made me feel a little like a cloud floating over a battlefield. This song was my way of dealing with it, using the music symbolically to put in little silences and finally an explosive, dramatic bridge.”

Listen to the track below.