Colly creates the kind of pop music that radiates a warm sense of nostalgia and somehow still feels like a breath of fresh air. They’ve carved out their own mid-tempo groove and have steadily worked on creating something catchy and immersive without needing to be the kind of in-your-face dance-pop that seems to stay in a constant rotation. Today, we’re bringing you the music video for a new Colly song called “Polaroid,” which aims to be a clear demonstration of what the band intends to bring to the table– both visually and musically.

“Polaroid” exists in that groove we talked about earlier. The song never really leaves mid-tempo, but it creeps up on you and holds you captive in a matter of seconds. There’s this industrial and almost hypnotic drum-beat that will leave you moving your head perfectly in time with it, and before you know it, you’re singing along to this song of heartbreak and betrayal like you’ve known it forever. The video is fuzzy and warm– a collage of distorted video and heat signature footage of the band creates an aesthetic that is perfectly in line with what the band is delivering sonically.

When asked about the track, Colly said: “Polaroid speaks on dishonesty in relationships. Whether platonic or romantic. It creates a wedge that once it’s begun is nearly impossible to stop. This song is the premonition of that feeling.” The music video for “Colly” can be seen above.