I don’t want to hear anyone claiming 2017 is anything other than the year of newcomers. The icons of every genre are scrambling to adjust to a rapidly-changing industry, leaving those who have only just begun their journey in the business ample room to gain exposure while their peers play a bit of catch up. We have provided numerous examples of this being true through our digital coverage this year, as well as with our decision to put both Maggie Rogers and Misterwives on the cover of our magazine, and we’re doing it yet again today by showcasing the latest single from Sigrid.

The hardest part of relationships is the leap of faith they ask of us up front. You can think you know someone, and you can even feel like you’re connected in some special way, but you never really know someone’s true self until you’ve committed to spending a prolonged amount of time with them. The only problem is, sometimes you give up your time and rearrange your life for someone who inevitably won’t be a part of your existence for very long. These romantic plot twists are one of the hardest parts of life, or at least they can be, and now Sigrid has provided a soundtrack to help us get through the worst of times.

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