These scars no one can see/Under my skin, they’re slowly growing wider/Fate is chasing me/It breaks as love and hate create each other

The name Moonfall elicits very specific imagery to me. It’s laying down in a field under a starry night sky, face to face with a full moon and feeling at peace with the infinite amount of possibilities that surround us at any minute. Somehow, Moonfall was able to capture all of these feelings and effortlessly channel them into their shimmering and anthemic brand of pop rock. They recently released an EP called Empty Cage on Outerloop Records –which reached #32 on Billboard’s Top New Artists!!– that is packed full of beautiful and precise, technically splendid and undeniably moving pop-rock in the vein of Coldplay meets Imagine Dragons.

Today, I’m excited to share the music video for the title track of that record. The “Empty Cage” video is a journey through duality; cutting between two worlds that couldn’t be more different. The one is an all-white room whose only glimpses of color come from the pigments of the band members, and the other is an immaculate and empty garden. The former is this intimidating empty canvas, while the latter is full of life and history, stories waiting to be told and unearthed. Their only connection is the shared experience of Moonfall. The music video perfectly captures the duality the band is trying to bring to the forefront. Technically beautiful and stark, like the plain white room, but full of the same energy and lust for life and the art of storytelling as the garden.

When asked about the video, Moonfall said: “Empty Cage was the first song we wrote for this EP. The story told in this song revolves around the difficulty people have understanding each other, and slowly collecting scars and regrets when you realize you would’ve done things differently after it’s too late. We worked with our very talented friend Alex from Blackwolf Imaging. Most of the video is shot at an amazing place called the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia. The video transitions between the colorful artistic chaos of the Magic Gardens into a clear white. That contrast makes this one really special in our eyes, and we’re really excited for it!

The music video for “Empty Cage” can be seen above.

Empty Cage was released November 3rd via Outerloop Records. Grab your copy here.