It’s finally November. The year 2017 is winding its way to a close. What a year it’s been, both out in the real world and in the world of music. While we’re now into the section of the calendar where releases start to slow down, it’s not totally barren. There are a number of big releases coming in the next week (Taylor Swift says hi) and beyond before 2018 arrives. Until then, let’s dig into what you should check out from last week’s releases.

David Guetta, Afrojack, Charli XCX, French Montana – Dirty Sexy Money

In the Midwest, we’ve already seen snow in the last week. It’s freezing here, but a little bit of cold can’t slow down the club. The club always needs new music too, and there’s an all-star lineup here to provide something to get down to. David Guetta and Afrojack are two titans of production, and “Dirty Sexy Money” sounds just as good as you would imagine coming from that collaboration. Charli XCX is amongst other things the current indie pop queen of dance anthems, and French Montana is also here. To be honest, Montana’s verse is the most forgettable part of the track, but it does its job and doesn’t detract from all the other wonderful elements.

Vance Joy – Like Gold

Nostalgia can be a killer. It’s nice to remember the cozy, happy memories in life, but dwelling too long can turn those memories sour and distract from the future that lays out before us. Vance Joy is looking back at a past love on his new single “Like Gold,” the title describing the quality of the relationship. Joy has always been a great wordsmith, and some of his turns of phrase here dig especially deep. As he sings it’s clear the shine has worn off of this love, and the guitar work on “Like Gold” is usitably weighty to match the lyrics.

N.E.R.D., Rihanna – Lemon

Before Pharrell Williams was “Happy,” he was the face of rap group N.E.R.D., who haven’t put out an album since 2010. Until now, that is. They’re back, debuting new album No_One Ever Really Dies this weekend at Complexcon. If you weren’t there, it’s all okay. You still get to enjoy a new N.E.R.D. song with the release of “Lemon.” We shared the track when it first dropped, so you should already be up on it. Do you have a favorite part yet? We do: it’s Rihanna. Rihanna rapping is the best. It was the best when she put in an apperance on Kendrick Lamar‘s DAMN. earlier this year, and the verse on “Lemon” is even better. God bless Rihanna.

Joji – Demons

If you ever took a visit to the YouTube channel of Filthy Frank (real name George Miller) and then were asked what kind of music you think he might make, the answers would be… interesting, I think. Of all the answers you would give, “haunting, subdued pop” would be pretty low on the list. That’s exactly what he’s put out, though, releasing the EP In Tongues under the name of Joji this past Friday. The whole EP is great, and “Demons” is its best track. A constant subtle clattering in the background reflects the cluttered thought process in the lyrics, and the rest of the instrumentation is a hazy audio soup that envelops the listener.

Pinegrove – Intrepid

New Pinegrove music is always a cause for celebration. After a live album earlier in the year, the band couldn’t just leave us hanging through the end of 2017, so they went and gave us “Intrepid,” a brand new track. It’s a beautiful, flowing track that feels much more expansive than its three and a half minute length. “Intrepid” is from Pinegrove’s next album, so you should get familiar now to make sure you’re ready.


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