Lost Cousins is gearing up to release their debut album, In Scenery, in early-2019, and it has been anything but a sudden trip to get there. The band look to combine all that we experience in life — everything from emotional and existential queries to the doubts and thoughts about your place in this world — and grappling with all of it on the record.

All members of Lost Cousins — drummer Cam Duffin, guitarist/saxophonist Lloyd McArton, and keyboardist Thomas Dashney — met in college, immediately hitting off with their music history and desire to create. This lead to them spending 2014 and 2015 playing house parties in front of their friends, ultimately adding other local groups to the parties and growing their fan base

Every piece of the band’s history has lead Lost Cousins to where they are, and they’re ready to showcase it all. With a sound that sounds like a mix of Tame Impala, Bombay Bicycle Club, Local Natives, and even a bit of Neutral Milk Hotel, the band will keep you fully invested. This is evidenced by the previously released “Mindmaker” — dropped via a guerrilla campaign that included a phone number appearing on social media and posters throughout LA, NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver — and “City Escape.”

Now we are thrilled to be partnering up with Lost Cousins to debut their exciting new track, “Stay” — which you can find at the top of this post. The track opens up with a near minute introduction of indie meeting psychedelic in a head on collision. The song ultimately settles into a more dreamy indie-rock song that is glazed with dreamy vocals, topped off with a chorus that will find a nice little corner in your head all day.

“‘Stay’ is about both physical and emotional movement. Uncertainties that lie ahead and remnants of the past are unearthed through changing landscapes on a long road trip. The song describes adjustment to departure through fragments of memories from a backseat window,” explains the band.

Lost Cousins will be releasing their new album, In Scenery, on February 1st via Pheromone Recordings. Below you will find the track-listing for the release.

  1. Stay
  2. Mindmaker
  3. City Escape
  4. Seajets
  5. Trails
  6. Montreal
  7. Forest Floor
  8. Shores
  9. Nothing