Hello ghouls and — ah, shit, sorry it’s February. Happy almost Valentine’s Day to couples around the world and what not. To all of the single folks: fuck it. You’re doing great on your own.

I know I said my New Years resolution was to get more consistent with doing these, and I know I’ve missed like two weeks. But, you know, here we go anyway. It was my birthday last week too, cut me some slack.

In the weeks since, a lot of good music has been released, so I’m gonna catch you up on some that you may have missed. And if you haven’t missed these songs, good job. I’m running out of words to say for this intro so let’s just cut straight to the point:

Eve 6 – “Black Nova

So much has been said about Eve 6’s twitter account, and for good reason. It’s hilarious and fun to keep up with, even if some of the stories shared are exaggerated for comic relief. The best part about it is that we may never know just how exaggerated some were. But, Eve 6 is more than just your new Fill Werrel account (thank god): they’re a semi-functioning band with new music coming! Rejoice! Last week, it was announced that Eve 6 have signed with the now-resurrected Velocity Records, and dropped a new single called “Black Nova.” The day after my birthday, how nice of them! I know what you’re thinking: heart in a blender, etc — but no, “Black Nova” is not Eve 6 rehashing their 90’s sounding hit for nostalgia. Instead, the band channel some of their more punk-leaning influences and have managed to drop a hell of a song that not many of us saw coming. All hail Max Collins and the corona in the ambulance song.

The Effens – “Pavement Age”

Somewhere between grunge and modern rock lies Toronto’s The Effens. With fiery vocals, screeching guitar riffs, pulsing synth melodies, and haunting harmonies, the band has been making it known that they are, well, making whatever the hell they want. “Pavement Age” was just released last week, and is a great introduction to the band ahead of their upcoming EP. The song encompasses the main ingredients of the band’s sound equally: melody, sonic textures, loudness, and simplicity.

Dan + Shay – “Glad You Exist”

Dan + Shay never miss, as the kids say. Sure, they are doing just fine and don’t need us to tell you to listen to them. So I won’t spend a whole lot of time convincing you to do so — but you should. “Glad You Exist” finds Dan + Shay at their best, simple yet effective guitar work, loving lyrics, and Shay Mooney leading with his vocals. If you’re a fan of Dan + Shay, what’s not to like?

Picture This – “Things Are Different”

A few years ago, Picture This became one of my favorite bands that I discovered through music journalism, and they continue to be that band. They’ve found massive success back in their homeland, and while they’re still breaking through here in the U.S., I’m not going to shut up about this. “Things Are Different” is a new sound for the band, in some ways, but nothing that fans should be astonished by. Their pop-rock sound is ever-evolving, and “Things Are Different” is no exception.

Creams – “SLEEP ON ME”

If you’re looking for a new pop artist, look no further than Creams. She makes music that is something fully hers: she writes, plays, and produces all of the records from concept to master. It’s a form of therapy for the artist, and it shows through all of her music. “Sleep On Me” is no different, as an it’s outpouring of dark and brooding pop — something inescapable once you listen to it for the first time.