My oh my: Nicole Groman is a registered dietitian who helps her clients achieve a healthy relationship with food. She also is an unregistered Lido Beach super-fan. FYI: I didn’t bribe her to write this article.
Here is her top ten Lido Beach song ranking list with some non-verbal Scott (me) reactions sprinkled in:
10. “Please Come Home”
NG: I was at your dad’s funeral. This song describes that experience to a T.
SW: (moved)
9. “You Never Told Me”
NG: VERY catchy. “You Never Told Me” belongs on any feel good playlist.
SW: (smiles)
8. “The Open Air is Calling”
NG: Scott, you really showcased your heart with this one. You wrote about something that isn’t easy to talk about, and that’s extremely amazing and brave.
SW: (somberly smiles)
7. “Scar”
NG: I dare you to listen to this song and NOT rock out. Go on. I’ll give you 9 seconds (that’s all it takes once you start listening). FYI: I first heard this song on Blue Delusion’s self-titled record.
SW: (awestruck)
6. “So Helpless”
NG: Another beautiful and touching tribute. The chorus is intense in an amazing way, and the lyrics throughout are very beautiful.
SW: (nods in gratitude)
5. “I Was Wrong”
NG: LOVE this song… Especially the chorus! And the song is totally relatable. I think that we’ve all experienced relationships where we feel insecure but hopeful, and that uncomfortable tendency to hyper-analyze comes out. Thanks for making us feel we’re not alone, Scott.
SW: (shit eating grin)
4. “It’s Not That Simple”
NG: I’d be lying, my friend, if I said this wasn’t another OG Lido Beach (Blue Delusion) song that I used to listen to on repeat. Another one where the music and melody is just SO good.
SW: (continuous shit eating grin)
3. “Lost & Gone Astray”
NG: This song is so fun and makes me want to bring a huge group of people together in a parking lot (or I guess more appropriately, at a concert) and throw our hands up and sing along. It’s truly the perfect song for anyone making a big change, whether it’s a move across the country or anything else worth mentioning. Love it.
SW: (continuous shit eating grin that increases in shit eating-ness)
2. “You Fell Hard”
NG: This song is the epitome of catchy. It makes me want to dance around my room or in my seat on the subway, especially when the beat drops after the bridge. When Scott told me the meaning behind the lyrics I loved it even more. It’s a message to his younger self letting him know that he’ll eventually find and achieve something that he’s been wishing for and wanting. This song carries an incredibly inspiring message to its listeners.
SW: (starts to tear up)
1. “My Oh My”
NG: I first heard this song in 2002. I uploaded this and other pre-Blue Delusion acoustic tracks onto my PC and into iTunes. This song is brilliant and beautiful. Listen to it and you’ll realize that you can totally relate in a way that you’ve tried to express before but somehow couldn’t put into words. You’ll be like – YES. This is exactly it. Also the melody is amazing and I made my family listen to this song like a million times the first summer I heard it. We all sang harmony to it.
SW: (biggest shit eating grin of his life)