FrxxSauce, the red-hot new trio out of Atlanta making a lot of noise in today’s hip-hop, is ready to shake things up by being the next big thing to come out of the A since the Migos with their new mixtape, titled, Real Souf Side. Eight impressive tracks backed by the popularity of battle rapper and executive of York Records, Arsonal, the trio of DJ Lil Mark, Moonie and Marko present themselves to the world for the first time with an outstanding first impression.

Among the tracklist is popular street tracks “Push Up,” “Nasty,” and “Kapped Up,” and guest features by Big Cuz and AMG Spook. FrxxSauce on the project:

“With every record we create we paint a vivid image of our everyday life. Nothing we say is a facade, only facts. Everything comes from the heart and things we’ve been through. This tape ain’t nothing but some ramen noodles, government cheese and tap water. Basically, this is some raw shit from the Souf Side of Atlanta.”

If you are a fan of past trios that have achieved critically-acclaimed success in Atlanta, then now is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon of this next wave. FrxxSauce promise more new music coming in 2021 and stay in the face of their newfound audience with various social engagements. Real Souf Side is available everywhere via York Records.

Stream it below and follow FrxxSauce daily with Instagram.