Do you remember the very specific brand of pop music that was born of the days of Myspace? That’s what comes to mind whenever I listen to Maggie Schneider‘s new Tinted Glasses EP. There’s a raw sense of authenticity that courses through the veins of this release that could only come from the kind of dedication and hustle that made up the attitude of that genre in the middle-aughts. She’s got a voice with enough power to move even the most stoic and statuesque of people to feel something and her time spent with producer (and drummer for All Time Low) Rian Dawson was clearly put to good use as each and every song on the record has its own undeniable power.

She was kind enough to break down each track on the EP for us, and when asked about the record as a whole said “All four songs on Tinted Glasses are very personal and are about the experiences and memories that have shaped me as both a young woman and as an artist. The EP explores the highs and lows of life and relationships; it’s about how I’ve grown up in the last year, and the moments and people that have impacted my life thus far. I’m thankful for both the ups and downs because they’ve made me a stronger person and have enriched my music. I hope that people feel connected to these songs.

A stream of the record and her track-by-track breakdown can be found below.

“695 North Avenue”

This song is about The Masquerade, which is a historic venue in Atlanta. It’s a place dear to my heart, and I feel like I’ve grown up there. 695 North Avenue was the original address of the venue before they moved to another space last year, and it will always serve as my musical home. So many of my favorite memories took place in this building, from singing live with State Champs to a sold-out crowd, to dancing the nights away with my best friends. I am so thankful for all of the moments I’ve spent at The Masquerade, and for all of the support that the management and crew have given me over the years. This song is dedicated to them and all that they’ve done for both myself and the Atlanta music scene as a whole.

“Chuck Bass”

is all about women standing up for themselves as well as for what is important in life. It’s about how valuable honesty, integrity, and kindness are in relationships, rather than one’s wealth or status. The song emphasizes a positive message about the strength women have, especially while facing the many challenges relevant in today’s world. It is up to us to celebrate each other and make a difference through honesty and positivity.

“Tinted Glasses”

This song is about a difficult breakup, but still longing for the relationship to work out. I was inspired by some of my own personal experiences, where I was in a relationship and feeling insecure about where we were at. It’s about trying to move forward and hold it together, but sometimes, too many obstacles get in the way – like time. “Just let go of your fears and give me a chance/You changed my world with just one glance” is probably my favorite lyric from the EP and it’s in this song. Longing for someone to stay, and accepting that it’s better if they don’t is so difficult, and it took me awhile to get through it.

“Break (feat. Alex Crain)”

One of my best friends Alex Crain (the guitarist of The Everyday Anthem!) asked me to work on this song with him and I’m so happy we did. At the beginning of our friendship last year, we sat down and worked on this song together with just an acoustic guitar, and experimented with so many harmonies. “Break” is about missing a loved one and about the struggle of being together through the ups and downs of a relationship. It’s a duet, and we wanted it to showcase a conflicted couple that is reaching its “breaking point,” when at the same time, their love for each other is too strong to let go of. The couple is frustrated, but still hopeful, with both parties frantically wanting to stay together without knowing exactly how.

Tinted Glass is out January 12th. Grab your copy of the record here.