At the end of the day, the songs that seem to resonate the most are the ones that tell a story, and the musicians that seem to stay in our hearts are the ones that are true storytellers. It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that James Keogh chose the stage name Vance Joy; per an interview with Triple J, it honors a character known for his ability to tell stories (the grandfather in Peter Carey’s book Bliss), and that’s exactly what he does in his songs. Vance Joy’s latest offering, “We’re Going Home”, is no exception, as it tells the tale of feeling comfort and at ease in a loved one’s arms. For anyone who has known what it is to come back to the one you love and have everything feel alright, even when the rest of the world feels wrong.

The video for “We’re Going Home” follows an older woman who is alone on a long bus ride; when she gets off, she steps out into an open field. As she basks in the golden light, she is overcome with warm remembrance of the one she holds dearest. But she’s not alone in the field, and those who sit beside her soon join to dance in unison. The movements aren’t complex, but they don’t need to be; the lyrical grace evident with each slow turn or motion of the hand conveys a universe of emotions.

“We’re Going Home” follows “Lay It One Me” and “Like Gold” as the third song to be released from Vance Joy’s forthcoming album, Nation of Two. Nation of Two comes as the highly-anticipated follow-up to his 2014 debut Dream Your Life Away. The album will arrive on February 23 via Liberation Music (Australia / New Zealand) / Atlantic Records (ROW). Pre-order packages are now available on his website, and in addition to copies of the album, fans can purchase Vance Joy socks, Frisbees, and skateboard decks.

Following a performance at Sydney City Limits (February 24-25), Vance Joy will be going on tour in Europe before returning to the US for Coachella in April and Shaky Knees in Atlanta on May 4. A full list of upcoming shows can be seen here. We’ll be sure to let you know if Vance Joy announces further touring plans for the US. Follow Substream on Twitter so you don’t miss a headline!