Spooky Cool is the first band that I’ve ever come across that has a name that accurately sells the band before the listener has pressed play. There’s an image that comes to mind immediately when you read that name and a particular sound that comes with it. That sound is loud, crashing guitar music that harkens back to the days of gritty and distorted classic rock. This isn’t the sound that permeates their new Every Thing Ever EP, out August 3rd on Citrus City Records, but it’s the attitude that radiates from everything that this band does.

I wasn’t even halfway through the first track before I wrote down: “Imagine if Freddie Mercury was alive and had just heard Rilo Kiley and Kate Nash for the first time.” This is the kind of music that he’d want to make moving forward — the record is an operatic and all-consuming adventure through living life through the lens of a dream. It sweeps over the notion that everything is nothing and that nothing is everything and swallows you up in these smooth and perfectly executed harmonies that dance atop intricate and well-placed guitar riffs in a way that genuinely feels other-worldly.

When asked about the record, Spooky Cool said: “In using the fuel of the dream state to parallel the waking life’s existential and romantic conundrums this delineation of a single night of successive nightmares in the shadow of unrequited love is the outset of a project that we could not be more proud of. Every Thing Ever is the culmination of three years of change and pertinacity in the face of relentless hindrances and we’re beyond elated to finally send it out into the void.”

Listen below.

Every Thing Ever is out August 3rd on Citrus City Records and can be pre-ordered here.