Zyles is the brainchild of Zach Yellin-Flaherty, an east coast baby that migrated west in search of warmer weather, better landscapes, and something worth chasing after. That doe-eyed sense of wonder is at the base of his slick, 80’s leaning style of pop. It comes through in these sunny bursts of warm and evocative slices of synth-heaven that hit you like that first warm day of Spring after a long, dreadful Winter. This is especially true for the first of a handful of infectious new singles to be released this Summer called “Sundresses.” 

The track hits this mellow groove almost immediately; a slow and sensual beat is complimented by soft whistles and rich vocals. Zyles paints a picture of the San Francisco lifestyle that he’s embraced: he’s constantly lost in a sea of sundresses, beautiful people, and nightlife so active that you’ll probably watch the sun set and rise before your head hits the pillow. This forever young mindset keeps the track fun and I’m sure that after just one pass, you’ll catch yourself singing “I tangle with the locals…” before erupting into that infectious whistle.

When asked about the track, Zyles said: “As a San Francisco resident the last couple years, I finally started spending more time in the warmer months escaping the city to Wine Country and noticed quite the phenomenon. Extended time off in the summertime outside the city unlocks a state of mind beyond the weekend — so it’s already worth singing about — but add in a destination for birthdays and bachelorette parties and we’re approaching transcendent territory. “Sundresses” aims to capture a fantasy of some of these vacationers searching for fun and purpose during their formative years.”

Listen below.