WhoHurtYou— a new duo made up of All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat and Kevin Fisher (aka Sweet Talker)— have released a new single, “Nobody Wins”. In the song “Nobody Wins”, but you do in fact, win, as this song is quite a catchy number. Watch/listen below.

“We drove to the desert in a classic car and had our good friends star in our latest music video,” the band says of the video via a Youtube comment. “It was amazing creating this with Jade Ehlers and watching it all come to life. Hope you enjoy!”

The WhoHurtYou project was briefly introduced on Barakat’s socials back in June, but wasn’t formally announced until an interview the two did with Billboard earlier this summer. A breakup-inspired, shared-experiences-in-therapy-inspired project, the latest addition to the Fueled by Ramen roster was formed when the two both needed an outlet for their pain. As they reveal in the interview, Jack and Kevin both found themselves in therapy after particularly bad breakups, and began to work on music together with no goal beyond self-expression. These sessions ended up becoming a sort of therapy for the pair, whose forthcoming Stages EP came together quickly, with each song exploring a different stage of “Breakup Grief”. Their debut single, “Wish We Never Met”, was also premiered on Billboard earlier this summer, and the two are set to release a debut EP, Stages, via FBR later this year.