If you heard Lula Miranda’s single “The Ride” back in February, there’s a decent chance it’s still running through your head today. The track marked an exciting and entrancing start to the year for Miranda, and she’s showing no signs of letting up with the excellent releases and videos. “The Ride” is the latest track to receive the music video treatment from Miranda, and while it starts on Earth, it goes to some far-out places.

The video begins the morning after what appears to be a big party. Confetti litters the floor, and Miranda takes a drink from a leftover wine glass (a move I strongly relate to) before finding a mysterious package. This package contains the vinyl of “The Ride,” and when she presses play after putting it in the record player, the visuals take off. Miranda dances her way through the song while bathed in every color neon light you can imagine, and projections of her appear in the darkness. Lightning zooms out into the abyss, and she eventually ends up in an astronaut’s helmet as the song takes her and viewers to dimensions not previously experienced by mere mortals. The energy and visual wonder if the video matches the intensity and fun of the track, making this a must experience part of “The Ride.”

You can check out the video for “The Ride” below. There are strobe light effects in the video as a heads-up to our photosensitive readers.