If there’s one thing I know about children, it’s that they have absolutely no filter. Whatever emotion or thought is going through a kid’s brain, you’re going to hear about it. While that can make for some slightly embarrassing situations for parents and a good viral laugh on Twitter, it’s also endearing in way. That level of honesty is something we lose over the years, sometimes to the point where we aren’t open at all. British artist CHARLOTTE addressed her hesitation opening up on her thoughtful debut single “I Tell Lies.” Today she has shared the music video for the track.

The video for “I Tell Lies” is centered around the visual disparity when it comes to emotional honesty and age. We see CHARLOTTE now, out with friends and putting on a brave face even though she’s hurting inside. She does an amazing job of acting in the video, letting us just slightly peek into the cracks in her facade. This reference is in stark contrast to the other half of the video, which includes home footage of CHARLOTTE as a toddler. Whether laughing or crying or gazing in wonder at the world, young CHARLOTTE’s emotions are completely evident on her face. The stark contrast between these two eras as one cuts to the other is compelling and moving, and illustrates the point that maybe we should all just be a little bit more open about how we’re feeling.

You can watch the video for “I Tell Lies” below.