New Orleans-based producer Luxley has released his latest EP, “Chromatics”. Inspired by his condition chromesthesia, which causes him to subconsciously associate colors with sounds, each track on Chromatics is represented by a different color. From the airy electronic blips of “Dreamcatcher” (green) to the dance-pop sound of “Take A Chance” (pink), Chromatics offers a diverse range of musical styles.

Luxley sees his latest EP as a transformative record, different from his older works:

Chromatics is a departure from the traditional studio model of working with an outside producer. After spending a lot of time experimenting on synths, electronics, and getting to know myself more as an artist, I realized that I was passionately building a vast library of colorful sounds, textures, and pop-centric melodies that would eventually become the virtual worlds found on the record.”

Upon making the bold choice to leave medical school in 2012, Luxley began his musical career. Since then, he’s seen an impressive amount of success. His music has been included in prestigious playlists like New Music Friday and Weekend Buzz, as well as been featured in prominent publications like the Huffington Post.

Luxley has now cemented his spot as a leading figure in the music scene. His latest EP, Chromatics, is out now.

Stream Chromatics now, courtesy of Spotify.